Positive Pants – where can I buy them!?

15th February 2016

Recently I posted a picture on Instagram on a Monday morning just before I went for my run about putting my positive pants on…. cue people asking (albeit a little sarcastically) what are they. Well let me tell you.

Anna Insta

As you may have guessed you can’t actually buy positive pants in the shop (I know, right? I wish it was that easy!).  Being positive isn’t always easy, the truth is sh*t happens and sometimes life sucks. But how you deal with it is a choice.  For example, that Monday morning I didn’t wake up and jump out of bed thinking ‘Yes I can’t wait to go for a long run!’. The stark reality is, it’s Monday, I’m knackered form the weekend, I could have an extra hour in bed. But I know I want to start my week off in a good way, as that will set the precedent for the rest of my week.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there on a Monday, too busy and tired to exercise; but then Tuesday comes and because you haven’t done anything on the Monday, you let it go by without doing anything and before you know it, the takeaways and glasses of wine have started to creep in and the vow to start next week off in a better manner is your mantra. Fact, if you exercise at the start of the week you are more likely to continue to do more/make healthier choices throughout the week, it’s really that easy.

We all have rubbish days, whether it be you skipped that gym session because you couldn’t be bothered, your boss had a go at you, you’ve had an argument with a loved one…or even that Netflix box set is finished and you now have a gaping hole in your life. Either way, wallowing, although short term feels kind of comforting, long term doesn’t help one bit. If you try and turn your thoughts around into positive ones, such as yes I’ve had a crap day but I’m choosing to put that aside and think/do something positive, almost like setting a refresh in your mind, it’s amazing how much that changes your mood, outlook and productivity.

So why not try this today, when you are talking yourself out of going for that run, or gym session, or even telling yourself you can’t do that extra rep. Try saying to yourself…If I go for that run I KNOW I’ll feel better afterwards, it’s what an hour out of your day, which is nothing! Believe me positivity breads positivity. Try it, put your positive pants on, you know you want too!

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  1. It’s good to try and stay positive Anna. I have had a suspected heart attack, osteoporosis and bladder stone since last May. I am walking, hopefully I will get back cycling in a few weeks time. You are always so bright and smiling on Sky Sports News. Your blog is very good. Colin

  2. Spot on! Often the hardest thing is winning the mental battle and making the effort. Once you’re over that hurdle it’s not that bad and you feel better after.

  3. Over the past few weeks illness has kept me away from the gym. The bugs have now gone and I can’t wait to get back in there tonight!

    Great blog. Keep them coming.

  4. Hi Anna, I know you’ve only just started your blogging but it really is a pleasure getting an opportunity to get to know the real you. Your blog entry today was really inspiring, I always get home from work and just think I’m too tired to do anything now but after reading this I’m going to go for that run tonight regardless of how I feel. Thanks again x

  5. Better find myself a pair of them positive pants.. Although I do get up early on a Sunday for a 5km run.. No probs.. My pants r Defo on a Sunday…

  6. Last week was so good, football, squash, darts ‘ and tennis but I’m so exhausted from Spurs yesterday I’m having a day off but after that win trust me I’m positive…

  7. It’s far too easy for the “off days” to accumulate into weeks in some instances. Slippery slope! I agree that you should just go through with your session, regardless of the day that you’ve had. The endorphins that are gained from exercising will only make you feel better about whatever situation was putting you off in the first place. Another great blog entry x

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